The Matba Rofex Electronic Trading Platform was designed with an open architecture, which allows it to interface with a wide variety of trading screens. If you wish to trade at Matba Rofex, you have the following alternatives:

  • Use the e-trader III system provided by the Exchange.
  • Develop your own trading system and certify it with Matba Rofex.
  • License a system developed by an independent software vendor certified by the Exchange.

Matba Rofex uses the PTP (Primary Trading System) solution provided by Primary, the Group's technology company. This platform has the e-trader III terminal and various APIs for connection by software developed by a client or contracted / purchased from an ISV.

e-trader III

From here you can download the e-trader III platform to access Matba Rofex Trades:

Download e-trader III E-trader III User Manual E-ROFEX Electronic Service Regulation

Since access to the platform is done through your browser, it is necessary that your computer has Java Web Start installed (download here).


The platform provides interfaces based on the FIX Protocol in version 4.2 and 5.0 SP2 for routing offers, consumption of market data and reference data.



Support Contact


E-Trader Technical Support
Maipú 1300 17th Floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina
+54 11 51999851/2 | support@primary.com.ar

Backoffice Technical Support
Paraguay 777, 15th Floor, Rosario, Argentina
+54 341 530 2900/52 | support@matbarofex.com.ar