List of Tax Certificates



Matba Rofex SA Tax Details


Company Name: Matba Rofex SA

Legal Address: Paraguay 777- 15th Floor- Rosario (Santa Fe). 

Phone: +54 341 5302900


Main activity: forward market services.

Secondary activity: real estate services performed on own account, with own or leased urban property NCP


Tax data


CUIT: 30-52569841-2

Condition before VAT: Registered Responsible

Condition before Income Tax: Enrolled

Condition before Tax on Gross Eng.: Multilateral Convention No. 921-271678-5


Headquarters jurisdiction: Santa Fe (exempt Main Act according to Art. 212 inc. C) Code. Fiscal).

Other Jurisdictions: Federal capital.

Withholding Broker:

  • RG 830/00 Earnings
  • RG 18/97 VAT
  • RG 1784/04 Ret. SUSS General Reg.
  • RG 2300 Ret. VAT Commercialization of Grains
  • RG 2118 Ret. Gcias Grain Exchangeing