Our purpose

We emerged in 2019 as Matba Rofex Group, from the merger of two markets with a centuries-old tradition in futures and options trading in Argentina: Term Exchange of Buenos Aires SA and ROFEX SA

from the group we offer trading tools to meet the needs of users in an environment that ensures the free concurrence of supply and demand and the formation of prices with absolute transparency.

We are convinced that markets contribute to growth and development. So, we work to ensure the free formation of prices, protect transactions and transform the capital market, expanding its reach and simplifying access for all types of people.



Matba Rofex Group

Centennial market, first in:
• Have a foreign currency contract in the country.
• Have a Compensation Chamber.
• Allow Internet Trades in the world.
• Offer FIX in Argentina.
• Offer DMA access.
• Offer algorithmic trading in Argentina.
• Open up to the ecosystem with a talent detection and capture strategy.
• Offer an OMS.
• Offer freely available simulation environment (Remarkets).
• Hold hackathons and meetups.
• Create open source access libraries in different languages.
• Launch a Exchange for Mutual Funds.



Opportunities in Technology

Join Primary!
Primary is the leading company in the development of software products for the Argentine Capital Exchange with regional projection. It provides the core platforms for the Matba Rofex Group as well as for the main market participants: brokers, fund managers and end investors. It also accompanies fintechs in their integrations with the capital market.

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• Prepaid for Family Group
• English classes
• Lunch
• Internet payment
• Holidays on business days
• Corporate phone line
• Birthday day off
• Gym
• Clothing
• Training / Courses
• Refreshments in the office
• Bonus for Title, Marriage and Birth
• Personal Loans / Higher Education
• Extended Paternity Leave