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Informational Meeting for Shareholders

On the occasion of the quarterly balance sheet closings, Informative Meetings are held where details on different topics will be provided.

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Matba Rofex outstanding shares: 122.920.000

Date Net Equity MtR VPP per Share Quotation
30/09/2022 $ 20.638.097.655 $ 167,8986 $ 335
30/06/2022 $ 16.782.882.091 $ 136,5349 $ 250
31/03/2022 $ 13.959.103.437 $ 113,5625 $ 240
31/12/2021 $ 11.988.172.945 $ 97,5283 $ 218
30/09/2021 $ 11.113.579.473 $ 90,4131 $ 210
30/06/2021 $ 10.149.748.845  $ 82,5720 $ 215
31/03/2021 $ $ 74,9116 $ 180
31/12/2020 $ 8.174.325.758 $ 66,5012 $ 175
30/09/2020 $ 7.518.737.871 $ 61,1677 $ 147,81
30/06/2020 $ 6.673.526.092 $ 54,2916 -






Quarterly Meetings of Shareholders

The Investor Relations team is in charge of organizing the quarterly Meetings within the month of issuance of the Financial Statements. The dates of the same will be communicated by mail in advance.

Yes. The information provided is public. At Matba Rofex we believe in the transparency of information and we make available all the material used in the informative meetings with shareholders.

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Holdings MtR Shares

You can check the value of the Matba Rofex share by entering:

Starting from the listing in transparent exchanges, we suggest consulting with your accountant if the shares should be valued at VPP or at listed value. If you need it, you can request the VPP (Proportional Patrimonial Value) through the following form.

Custody of Shares

From this moment on, all procedures (collection of dividends, certificates of attendance at the Assembly, certificates of shareholdings, among others) must be processed before CAJA or before its ALyC. Matba Rofex will not intervene in the process since it is a request made by the shareholder directly or through its Broker. 

If your holding is in direct custody of Caja de Valores. We suggest transferring it under the custody of an ALyC. This transfer is not mandatory.

The advantages of this is that it simplifies the collection of dividends, the consultation of information (since you will be able to see it in your principal account) and any type of corporate procedure. If you want to transfer your possession, let us know so that we can assist you in the process.


You must apply to Caja de Valores for a certificate of tenure to deliver to your Broker. The steps to follow vary according to the type of shareholder making the request.

In the event that the shareholder is:


1 - Human Person

Step 1: - You must register through the application Caja de Valores Investors (available in Google Play y App Store on your phone or tablet) and validate your identity according to the steps indicated there. Have your ID ready as it will be required. The process is done entirely from the application.

Step 2: - To transfer your holding of Matba Rofex shares to an ALyC, you must request the holding certificate from Caja de Valores through the application. In the App it appears as "Certificate request for deposit in custody". Matba Rofex will not be able to intervene in the process since it is an order made by the Human Person to Caja de Valores. This certificate is valid for 10 business days. 

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2 - Legal Entity

The request for the certificate is made by sending an email to, the "Form F. 41700-Request for certificate of book-entry negotiable securities"Complete, signed, with certification of signatures and powers by a Notary Public, accompanied by the scanned DNI of the signer (in case the shareholder is also a depositor, the presentation of the form signed by attorneys registered in CVSA will suffice).

After analyzing the supporting documentation that the Legal Entity presents, CAJA will issue the certificate of possession by email, which must then be forwarded to your ALyC. The Broker then informs CAJA that this shareholder requested the "pass" to the ALyC, remaining as an indirect client of CAJA.

If in the future the company acquires Matba Rofex shares through an ALyC, they will be automatically displayed in the "Custody Account" of said Broker, and no management should be carried out. 

3 - Other cases

  • Foreigner (human person or legal person)
  • Succession
  • Bankruptcy

The Matba Rofex Investor Relations team will assist in each case.

Search within the database of authorized brokers, by name, type, license plate, participant number, market or by ranking.

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For further inquiries, contact Caja de Valores at 0810-888-7323.

Expedited Collection: Caja de Valores will make the payment of dividends within the legal term without the need to carry out an additional procedure. Dividends will appear credited to the ALyC's principal account.

Simplified Management: The shareholder will request the certificate of shareholding from his ALyC to attend the meetings of Matba Rofex.

ByMA Normal Trading Segment: it is a requirement that the shareholder have their shares in an ALyC

Ordinary / Extraordinary Assembly

The Order of the Day (OD) is published in the Official Bulletin of the province of Santa Fe and a newspaper of national circulation twenty days before the assembly. The OD and documentation to be approved by the Assembly can be consulted on the institutional website of Matba Rofex. Likewise, any shareholder may request a copy of the documentation in physical format at the Matba Rofex Headquarters.

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Within 5 business days after the Assembly, as contemplated by the norm, it is uploaded to the NVC. This information is PUBLIC.

It is published as "Relevant Fact" in NVC at the end of the Assembly or, if it ends after 17:XNUMX p.m., the following day. This information is PUBLIC.

The call closes 3 business days before the date of the meeting. 
In the case of those shareholders who hold their shares in the Collective Deposit in principal accounts (deposited in ALyCs), they must request the certificate from their ALyC. 

In the case of those shareholders who have not transferred their shares to an AlyC, they must request the certificate from Caja de Valores. The Assembly Instructions indicate how to proceed.  

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No. Only one person with the right to vote is registered.

In the case of those shareholders who hold their shares in the Collective Deposit in principal accounts (deposited in ALyCs), they must request the certificate from their ALyC. In the case of those shareholders who have not transferred their shares to an AlyC, they must request the certificate from Caja de Valores.

Human Persons: Account holders who have their Shares deposited in the Caja de Valores Book Registry must request the certificate through the “Caja de Valores - Inversores” Mobile Application, which can be downloaded to the cell phone or tablet by accessing

Legal persons: must request the certificate from Caja de Valores by sending Form 41700 (of which you must complete only the fields that are inside the yellow boxes) with a simple signature and a copy of the DNI of the signatory to the box 

Shareholders may be represented at meetings, either by another shareholder or by third parties.

In case you want to be represented by another person, it is suggested that before 48 hours prior to the holding of the Assembly, you present the Power of Attorney through the Form created for that purpose to the mail or sufficient instrument (appointment certificate or power of attorney if it has not been previously presented to the Company) of the representative, and indicate their email address. 

The directors, trustees, managers and other employees of the company cannot be agents, in accordance with the provisions of art. 239 of the General Companies Law No. 19.550.

When granting a Power of Attorney to another person (legal or human) they are granted absolute powers to decide before the Assembly and vote on behalf of the shareholder. Whoever has power granted before a notary public does not need to present a power of attorney.

In case of presenting a power of attorney to attend a Meeting, the shareholder's signature must be registered with Matba Rofex or must be certified by a Notary Public (and legalized if the document comes from another province other than Santa Fe).

Signature certified in judicial, notarial or bank form, unless it is registered in the Company. The model Power of Attorney is published on the web.

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Payment of MtR Dividends

It is determined by the assembly. It is generally made available 10 days after it is held.

The approximate amount can be calculated with the dividend payment value per share (determined by the meeting) and the holding held. It must be taken into account that the income tax and the recovery of personal property responsible substitute will be deducted from the result, if applicable.

You can request proof of payments and withholdings and make any related query through this form

For shareholders who have the shares in custody in an ALyC, it is not necessary. The ALyC will be responsible for crediting the collection to the principal's account.


The shareholders who have the shares in direct custody of Caja de Valores:

  • If they have already declared a CBU before Matba Rofex, they will receive the payment at the same
  • If you want to modify or have not previously declared a CBU, you must submit the following DDJJ
Corporate Governance

On our website we present the Corporate Governance Code and the other documents adopted within the framework of best practices.

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To request more information send an email to the following address:

The Integrity Program aims to prevent, detect and correct irregularities and illicit acts involving Matba Rofex.

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