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Matba Rofex SA Tax Details


Company Name: Matba Rofex SA

Legal Address: Paraguay 777- 15th Floor- Rosario (Santa Fe). 

Phone: +54 341 5302900


Main activity: forward market services.

Secondary activity: real estate services performed on own account, with own or leased urban property NCP


Tax data


TOUCH: 30-52569841-2

Condition before VAT: Registered Responsible

Condition before Income Tax: Enrolled

Condition before Tax on Gross Eng.: Multilateral Convention No. 921-271678-5


Headquarters jurisdiction: Santa Fe (exempt Main Act according to Art. 212 inc. C) Code. Fiscal).

Other Jurisdictions: Federal capital.

Withholding Broker:

  • RG 830/00 Earnings
  • RG 18/97 VAT
  • RG 1784/04 Ret. SUSS General Reg.
  • RG 2300 Ret. VAT Commercialization of Grains
  • RG 2118 Ret. Gcias Grain Exchangeing


Important Comment for VAT Withholding Brokers and Suss

We detail below the Regulations that support that Matba Rofex SA is excluded from suffering VAT Withholdings and Suss General Regime.

VAT withholding agents - RG 18 and its amendments

According to the Bylaws in art. 5 inc a): "The following are excluded from suffering the withholdings established in this general resolution: a) The subjects obliged to act as withholding agents in accordance with the provisions of subsections a), b) and c) of Article 2 (.. .)" Art. 2 Paragraph b) and Annex I of the Resolution contains a list of designated agents where we can find Matba Rofex SA.

SUSS Withholding Brokers - RG 1784

According to the Bylaws in art. 6 inc a): Subjects are excluded from suffering the withholding established in this regime: a) Those obliged to act as withholding agents, in accordance with the provisions of article 3 (...) Art. 3 inc a) Obliged subjects to act as value added tax withholding agents, by virtue of the regime established by General Resolution No. 18, its amendments (...)