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What are Continuous Indices?

The Matba Rofex Continuous Grain Indices family comprises three financial indicators designed to reflect the evolution of the price of grain futures in Matba Rofex:

  • Continuous Soy Matba Rofex Index
  • Matba Rofex Continuous Wheat Index
  • Continuous Maize Matba Rofex Index


What is the calculation process?

Each Matba Rofex grain index represents the time-weighted average price to maturity of selected positions for each underlying, maturing within 12 months of the calculation date:

  • The Continuous Index of Soybean understand the positions January, May, July, September and November of soybean futures in dollars from Matba Rofex.

  • The Continuous Index of Corn understand the positions April, July, September and December of Matba Rofex corn futures in dollars.

  • The Continuous Index of Wheat understand the positions March, July, September and December of Matba Rofex wheat futures in dollars.

Each position is part of the index for one year, being replaced at maturity by the position that matures the same month of the following year.

The weighting of each position within the index is carried out based on the time to maturity, adjusted according to the distance in days with respect to the average life within the index (the average life is assumed to be 183,5 days) and by a factor seasonal adjustment.



See the Continuous Grain Index Methodology and the API documentation MtR Indices
Methodology API documentation



Technical Advisory Committee


The Technical Advisory Committee (CTA) is responsible for the Index and is made up of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members. The appointment of its members as well as the establishment of its operating regime corresponds to the Board of Matba Rofex at the proposal of the Financial Products and Exchanges Committee, and will be made up of a technical representative of MtR, who will act as Coordinator and by recognized market experts of cryptocurrencies.

The main functions of the Technical Advisory Committee are:

  • Supervise that the calculation of the Index is carried out in accordance with the Continuous Index of Grains MtR Methodology.

  • Guarantee the proper functioning of the Index for its use as an underlying in the trading of derivative products.

  • Study and approve, when it deems it appropriate, changes in the Methodology for calculating the Index.

  • Report any modification regarding the composition and calculation of the Index.


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