I want to know the program

Matba Rofex will select up to a maximum of 60 participants with no age limit.
Exchange products will operate through a DMA (Direct Exchange Access) solution, provided by an ALyC.


Program benefits


  • You will have a Trading Fund of $ 1.000.000 to cover the margin requirements and mark to market of a portfolio of futures and options.

  • You will have a 100% discount on the operating commissions.

  • You will receive free training through talks, courses, and webinars given by capital market experts.

  • You will have the advice and support from an ALyC / Collection that will act as your mentor.

  • After one year, you will have the right to receive 50% of the profits generated with the Trading Fund contributed by the Exchange.



What are my obligations as a NOR?


Comply with the operating parameters dictated by Matba Rofex for the participants, which among other things may include operating a minimum of contracts per month, registering a participation in the wheels of the month above the minimum established by the Exchange, contributing to the liquidity of the products designated by the Exchange.

Do not record losses above 50% of the funds contributed by the Exchange. In that case, the NOR will be immediately terminated from the Program, leaving the cost of the loss assumed by the Exchange.



How do I apply?


Complete the registration form found on this microsite.




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